Sarepta studio
Based in Hamar, Norway

Founding date:
September 9, 2010


Press / Business contact:


My Child Lebensborn
Project Thalassa
Shadow Puppeteer

Grønnegata 83
2317 Hamar
Hedmark, Norway

+47 40 05 38 35


We make emotionally impactful and atmospheric games. Our Slogan: Games That Stay With You.


Early history

We started Sarepta in 2010 as a group of new game graduates. At the start, we became a company in the incubator for Hedmark Kunnskapspark (who have also housed Moondrop and Krillbite). This group grew to shape the HGC (Hamar Game Collective). We have used our game technology expertise–including visualization, animation and development–to create unique and interactive products for clients, as well as original video game IPs. Our vision always have been creating games that are not in isolation from the outside world. This vision shaped up Shadow Puppeteer's backstory, and was grounded with My Child Lebensborn winning a BAFTA in "Games Beyond Entertainment" category.

After that

We believe our should involve the users and should be made with community in mind. We will challenge ourselves to look at how our games can both create deep and thought-provoking experiences, and create varied entertainment that can be experienced differently by different users or can be played several times. In those cases where we make games based on heavy themes and real events, we must make sure that we work in collaboration with experts in the relevant fields, such as trauma psychologists. These goals are maintained for our upcoming game; Project Thalassa and other secret projects.



Project Thalassa Teaser Trailer YouTube

My Child Lebensborn Trailer YouTube

Shadow Puppeteer Trailer YouTube


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Awards & Recognition

  • "TapTap Awards 2018 - Winner" - Best Narrative, My Child Lebensborn
  • "BAFTA Awards 2018 - Winner" - Games Beyond Entertainment, My Child Lebensborn
  • "Spillprisen 2018 - Winner" - Best Game of the Year , Small Screen, My Child Lebensborn
  • "Play18 Creative Gaming Award 2018 - Nomination" - Most Creative Game, My Child Lebensborn
  • "Gamescom Indie Booth 2018 - Nomination" - Best Storytelling, My Child Lebensborn
  • "TapTap Award 2018 - Nomination" - Best Game, My Child Lebensborn
  • "Nordic Game Awards 2018 - Nomination" - Best Game of the Year - Small Screen, My Child Lebensborn
  • "Nordic Game Awards 2018 - Nomination" - Best Technology, My Child Lebensborn
  • "Game Connection Indie Development Awards 2015 - Winner" - Most Promising IP, Shadow Puppeteer
  • "Indie Prize 2015 - Winner" - Director's Choice, Shadow Puppeteer
  • "GDC Best in Play 2015" - Honorable Mention, Shadow Puppeteer
  • "MomoCon Indie Game Awards 2015 - Nomination" - Shadow Puppeteer
  • "Nordic Game Awards 2015 - Nomination" - Nordic Game of the Year, Shadow Puppeteer
  • "Game Connection Indie Development Awards 2015 - Nomination" - Excellence in Story and Storytelling, Shadow Puppeteer
  • "Game Connection Indie Development Awards 2015 - Nomination" - Best Console, Shadow Puppeteer
  • "Spillprisen 2015 - Nomination" - Beste Historie (Norwegian Award), Shadow Puppeteer

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