Sarepta’s Games

We believe that the games we create are extensions of who we are as game developers. Below is a list of the games we have created, or ones which are currently in development.

My Child Lebensborn

Does hatred just go away? My Child Lebensborn is a story-driven nurture game – a dark tamagotchi – letting you experience the fates of Children Born of War. Take care of Karin and Klaus and help them survive in a post-war society. Find out what happened to their parents and try to find a better future.

My Child lebensborn combines genre and theme in a unique way. You take part in the journey of a child, through a significant time.

– Balance meagre resources and emotional needs

– Influence the child’s personality and views

– Make tough choices

Shadow Pupeteer

A strange, yet beautiful local co-op adventure Game

Invite a friend to explore the strange, yet beautiful world of darkness and light in Shadow Puppeteer, an award-winning, local co-op adventure.

Assume the roles of a boy and his shadow, separated from one another by the evil shadow puppeteer. Work together to manipulate light, solving puzzles that bring you closer to finding this villain and freeing other shadows he has stolen.

Winner of the 2015 Indie Prize Director’s Choice Award and applauded for its stunning art, enchanting music and clever puzzles, Shadow Puppeteer will captivate from beginning to end.

Shadow Puppeteer is available both PC and the Wii U!