My Child Ambassadors

  • Are you a kind and empathic content creator? 
  • Do you want to advocate for social causes and spark informative conversations with your audience? 
  • Do you feel passionate about topics like discrimination, hate crimes, bullying and children born of war issues?

We are looking for well spoken ambassadors to make sure the topics in “My Child Lebensborn” are well understood and acknowledged by a wider community. 





My Child Lebensborn is a story-driven nurture sim based on real history of the Lebensborn. You play as the adoptive parent of a 6 year old child in post WW2 Norway. In the game you learn about how these children were seen as the ‘symbol of the enemy’ due to their heritage – their biological parents being a German soldier and a Norwegian mother.

The game touches upon a lot of social issues – main topic being the struggles of Children Born of War and how war can create war victims even at times of peace. The events of the game are based on real interviews made with the Lebensborn, which gives a very delicate edge to the game. 

We would like to collaborate with you, and make sure everyone understands the main point of the game and reflect on the topics clearly – Hatred, is never ever the solution. 


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