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My Child Lebensborn

Nurture game about a child born of war.

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Founded in 2010, Sarepta Studio is an independent video game development studio based in Hamar, Norway. Our goal is to create atmospheric and thought-provoking games.

Our first title, Shadow Puppeteer was launched in 2014 for the PC, and launched on the Wii U on January 2016. The game was praised for its original gameplay, level design and gloomy atmosphere.

Spring 2018 we released My Child Lebensborn, a story-driven nurture game about children born of war, a collaboration project with Teknopilot AS. The game won several awards including a BAFTA in ‘Games Beyond Entertainment’ category and has gotten great reactions that resulted in worldwide communities around the game.

We are currently working on their new game Project Thalassa, a first person psychological narrative about a deep sea diver in 1905.  For more info visit www.projectthalassa.com

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